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Power Supplies : Enclosed - DC-DC - DIN RAIL : SNP-D249 - DIN RAIL 240W w/ PFC at eUrasia Power

Power Supplies : Enclosed - DC-DC - DIN RAIL


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SKYNET`s 240W DIN Rail (Universal) power supply packs a punch! It features Active PFC; 85~90% efficiency; high reliability; wide output adjustment range and parallel capability.

Active PFC
85% ~ 90% efficiency
60% power boost ability
23.5 to 29V adjustable output range
Can be paralleled with SNP-D489 for 30A
Three models available
SNP-D129 * Single phase * universal * 24V/5A
SNP-D249 * Single phase * universal * 24V/10A (shown)
SNP-D489 * Single phase * universal * 24V/20A
4.05 x 4.8 x 4.92 inch
103.0 x 122.0 x 125.0 mm
Output+24 VDC
Max Load10A / 12A pk.
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Input VAC
Voltage, V 90 to 264
Frequency, Hz 47 to 63
Current, A inrush I <30A at 115VAC;
<60A at 230VAC
Power Factor Active PFC
Harmonics EN61000-3-2
Cooling Free air -10C~+70C (note 8)
Power Good consult factory
Holdup Time 20+ mS @ rated load & 115 VAC
Transient consult factory
Efficiency 90% typical at 230 VAC
Shorted output Auto-Recovery
Over Load Protection Auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection Auto-recovery
Over Voltage Protection Latch off
EMS EN 50082-2; EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -8, -11
Temperature -10c to +70C (derate typ. 6W/K >60C)
EMI FCC docket 20780 curve B; EN 55022 B; EN 61000-3-2 class D; EN 5008101
Safety Agency MEETS UL 1950, UL 508; CSA 22.2 No. 950-M90 and EN60950

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1. The SNP-D249 can deliver the 12A peak (pk.) current for a maximum of one (1) minute at 45C or continuously with forced air cooling.
2. Each output is checked at the factory to be within voltage accuracy with a 60% rated load condition.
3. Line regulation is defined by changing the input voltage 10% from nominal line at rated load.
4. Load regulation is defined by changing the output load 40% from 60% of the rated load.
5. Ripple & noise is measured at rated load and nominal line by using a 15MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope with each output terminated by a 0.47 uF capacitor.
6. Hold up time is measured from the end of the last charging pulse to when the main output drops down to regulation limit (2%) at rated load and nominal line.
7. Efficiency is measured at rated load.
8. If greater then 60C derate 6W/K


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