Better Design & Better Product

Skynet has advanced the “state-of-the-art” from a simple Ring-Choke design in 1979 to our advanced soft switching technology. Skynet also has extensive experience in PFC (both active and passive).

Over the years Skynet has accumulated an impressive library of reliable power circuits, which ensures a shorter lead-time for high reliability long life products. Skynet power supplies utilize custom integrated circuits, Patented circuitry, extra long life capacitors and MOS-FETs with a low Rds(on). This makes Skynet power supplies highly reliable, more efficient (75% minimum) and compact in size.

Each design Engineer possesses a set of test instruments including LeCroy digital oscilloscope, active load, AC source, HP digital multimeter and Voltech power analyzer.

In addition to the above each design engineer has access to a common set of instruments, which includes an infrared thermoviewer, temperature chamber and recorder, surge simulator, ESD simulator, EMI receiver, EMI chamber, AC interference simulator, insulation tester, impulse noise simulator, spectrum analyzer and quasi-peak converter.