Shorter Runs & Faster Turnaround

In addition to Skynet’s high volume manufacturing capabilities, a multitude of U-shaped production lines allow Skynet factories to smoothly handle hundreds of small quantity orders per month. This kind of manufacturing arrangement enables Skynet to impose no threshold for the minimum order quantities and the average lead-time is within 30 days.

We specialize in state-of-the-art switching power supplies and electronic ballasts.

China Factory

Size: Production: 16,800M2 (180,832 feet2)

Dormitories: 9,000M2 (96,874 feet2)

Headcount: 900

Monthly Production capacity (one shift):

Quantity Description
12,000,000 High Frequency Transformers, Common Mode Chokes, Filter Coils
12,000,000 Linear or Low Cost Switching Adapters
250,000 Switching Power Supplies
90,000 Electronic Ballasts

Taiwan Ballast Factory

Size: Production: 2,800 M2 (30,139 feet2)

Headcount: 30

Monthly Production capacity (one shift): 125,000

Taiwan Power Supply Factory

Size: Production: 18,400 M2 (198,056 feet2)

Headcount: 300

Monthly Production capacity (one shift): 668,000