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You can order a 60-day evaluation unit online.

Simply fill out the required information below. Once we receive your request we will be contacting you to let you know when you can anticipate your unit to arrive. If you need the unit in a hurry, we can expedite your delivery by shipping overnight. To exercise this option, you can provide your FedEx® or UPS® account number on the form.

We will generate an invoice when the unit ships, but payment is not due until 60 days. If within that time you request to return the unit, we will void the invoice (provided the unit is returned to us in good shape). We can also extend the evaluation period if you need more time. All you have to do is contact us and request an extension. If you decide to keep the unit, just pay the invoice and the power supply is yours to keep.

Disclaimer: eUrasia Power reserves the right to accept or reject any evaluation order at its sole discretion.

Request A Sample
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