About Us, Picking the Perfect Power Solution

Eurasia Power is a leading provider of custom and standard power supply solutions for a variety of industries, including medical, gaming, off-grid lifestyles, communications, and industrial control.

Eurasia Power’s power supplies are designed with efficiency, safety, EMI/EMC, and manufacturability in mind. They also place a heavy emphasis on DFQ and customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a high-quality power supply that can meet your exact needs, then look to Eurasia Power. We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the perfect solution for your OEM application.

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Eurasia Power:

  • High-quality products: Eurasia Power’s power supplies are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  • Short lead times: Eurasia Power is committed to providing customers with the shortest possible lead times.
  • Responsive customer support: Eurasia Power’s team is always available to answer questions and offer assistance.