eDUHB150-99BN eDUHB150 Series 150 Watts Half Brick Type 12:1 High Input Voltage Isolated DC-DC Converters
Series: eDUHB150
SKU: eDUHB150-99BN
Application: IT & Industrial
Form Factor: Half Brick
Type: DC-DC
Fully Protected (OTP/OCP/OVP/UVLO) /5000m Operating Altitude
3000Vac I/O Isolation/Regulated Outputs/Low No Load Consumption
Fixed 480KHz Switching Frequency
Shock & Vibration EN50155 (EN61373) Compliant
Fire & Smoke EN45545-2 Compliant
EN50155 Compliant With External Circuit
Special Notes

1. Nominal Input Voltage 72 VDC
2. An External Input Capacitor 100uF for All Models are Recommended to Reduce Input
Ripple Voltage
3. An External Electrolytic Capacitor at Least 240uF connect Between BUS and -Vin
is Necessary
4. All Specifications are Typical at Nominal Input, Full Load at 25℃. Unless Otherwise Noted.
5. Ripple & Noise Measured at Full load, 10uF tantalum and 1uF ceramic capacitors
(for Vo=48V: Full Load 10uF aluminum and 1uF ceramic capacitors).
6. Remote ON/OFF Logic Compatibility.......Open collector Refer To -V Pin

Suffix = Blank, Positive Remote Logic.

Logic Low (Module OFF)................. 0 to < 1.2V

Logic High (Module ON).................. 3.5 to <160V


Suffix = N, Negative Remote Logic.

Logic High (Module OFF)................. 3.5 to <160V

Logic Low (Module ON)................. 0 to < 1.2V

Voltage: 14-160 VDC
Current: No Load Input Current: 50mA
O/P Voltage: 48V
O/P Current: 3.2A
Watts: 150W
Ripple & Noise: 240mVpK-pK max, 100mV/RMS
Load Regulation: ± 0.2% max.
Efficiency: 90%
Operating Temperature: -40℃ To +100℃
Storage Temperature: -55℃ To +125℃
Dimensions: 2.28" x 2.4" x 0.5"