eU45-107 43W 12V Switching Adapter Power Supply

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90~260 VAC Continuous Universal Input


• Small Size / High Power Density
• UL, CSA and CE markings
• Continuous Universal Input – 90~260 VAC
• Meets CISPR “B” and FCC part 15 class “B” EMI
• Self contained desktop plastic adapter power supply
• 12V power delivered in a small convenient package
• Typical applications include:
¤ USB 2.0 external devices
¤ Flat Panel LCD Monitors
¤ Printers
¤ Notebook Computers
¤ Gaming Equipment
¤ Security Apparatus


1.42 x 2.36 x 4.72 inch
36 x 60 x 120 mm

DC Outputs

Output, V 12 V
Max Load, A 3.6 A
Regulation, % +/-5%


Input VAC
Voltage, V 90-264 continuous
Frequency, Hz 47-63
Current, A 1.5A at 90VAC, 0.75A at 180 VAC
Power Factor N/A
Harmonics N/A
Cooling Free air convection
Power Good N/A
Holdup Time 5  mS minimum @ 115 VAC, full load
Transient See detailed PDF specification
Efficiency 75% typical at full load
Shorted output No damage, auto-recovery
Over Load Protection 4A +/- 0.4A, auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection Output can be shorted without damage, auto recover
Over Voltage Protection 18V, auto-recovery
EMS See detailed PDF specification
Temperature 0° C to 40° C
Safety Agency UL, CSA and CE markings


1. Ripple & Noise (worst-case) test condition: 90V / 60Hz, output 3.6A.
2. Ripple & Noise test: Use 20 M Hz band width frequency oscilloscope
3. Add 0.1Uf / 47uF capacitors at output connector terminal for Ripple & Noise test.