SNP-8087 80W Universal Input Power supply
Series: SNP-808
SKU: SNP-8087
Application: IT & Industrial
Form Factor: Open Frame, U-Channel
No of Outputs: Outputs 2
O/P Voltage: 12V
, 5V
O/P Current: 6A
, 1A

The SNP-808 series is a 80 watts convection cooling and 100 watts forced air cooling switching power supply,with several options of the output,from single to multiple.


• Small Size / High Power Density
• Continuous Universal Input – 90~260 VAC
• UL, CSA and VDE approved
• Meets FCC class “B” + Vfg 243/1991


3.3 x 6 x 1.5 inch
83.82 x 152.4 x 38.1 mm

DC Outputs

Output, V +12V +5V
Max Load 6A 1A
Regulation, % ±1% ±5% ±5% ±5%
Ripple, % 50mV 120mV



Input VAC
Voltage, V 85 to 264 VAC continuous
Frequency, Hz 47-63
Current, A see specification
Power Factor N/A
Harmonics N/A
Cooling 80W Free air convection, 100W with 30 CFM forced a
Power Good N/A
Holdup Time 16 mS minimum @ 115 VAC, full load
Transient N/A
Efficiency >70% at full load
Shorted output No damage, auto-recovery
Over Load Protection No damage, auto-recovery
Short Circuit Protection Hiccup mode
Over Voltage Protection auto-recovery
EMS IEC-801-2 8KV air discharge
IEC-801-3 3V/M, IEC
Temperature 0 to °50 C, rated load
Safety Agency FCC docket 20780 curve


1. Peak current can be used for 5 seconds maximum at power supply start up. The total continuous output power is the rated load times the voltage with free air convection.
2. Each output is checked at the factory to be within voltage accuracy with a 60% rated load condition.
3. Line regulation is defined by changing the input voltage ±10% from nominal line at rated load.
4. Load regulation is defined by changing the output load ± 40% from 60% of the rated load while another output is set to 60% of rated load.
5. Ripple & noise is measured at rated load and nominal line by using a 15MHz bandwidth limited oscilloscope with each output terminated by a 0.47 uF capacitor.
6. Hold up time is measured from the end of the last charging pulse to when the main output drops down to 95% output voltage.
7. Efficiency is measured at rated load.