eDHFB750-C9AN eDHFB750 Series 750 Watts Full Brick Type 2:1 High Input Voltage Isolated DC-DC Converters
Series: eDHFB750
Application: IT & Industrial
Form Factor: Full Brick
Type: DC-DC
Industry Full-Brick Package
3000VAC I/O Isolation Regulated Output / s
Fixed 200KHz Switching Frequency
Over Voltage / Current / Temperature Protection
Input Under Voltage Protection
Remote On/Off & Single Wire Parallel
Special Notes

1. All Specifications Typical at Nominal Line, Full Load, and 25. Unless Otherwise Noted. ℃
2. The Output Terminal Required a Minimum Capacitor 1000uF to Maintain Specified
3. Measure at Nominal Input Voltage 300 VDC.
4. Output Ripple & Noise Measured with 1 F Ceramic Capacitor & 1000 F Aluminum μ μ
Capacitor Across Output
5. The Output Adjustment Circuit and Trim Equations Show as Figure 1 and Figure 2.
6. An External Input Capacitor 300 F for All Models Are Recommended to Reduce Input μ
Ripple Voltage.
7. Remote ON/OFF Logic Compatibility.......Open collector Refer To -V Pin

Suffix = Blank, Positive Remote Logic.

Module ON.................. >3.5Vdc to 75Vdc or Open circuit

Module OFF................. 0 to < 1.2Vdc


Suffix = N, Negative Remote Logic. N

Module ON.................. 0 to < 1.2Vdc

Module OFF................. >3.5Vdc to 75Vdc or Open circuit

Voltage: 200-425 VDC
Current: No Load Input Current: 10mA
O/P Voltage: 36V
O/P Current: 20.8A
Watts: 750W
Ripple & Noise: 300mV RMS, 650mVpK-pK max.
Load Regulation: ±0.5% max.
Efficiency: 90%
Operating Temperature: -40 To +85 ℃ ℃
Storage Temperature: -55 To +105 ℃ ℃
Dimensions: 4.60" x 2.40" x 0.05"