Eurasia Power is dedicated to total customer satisfaction. This is reflected in our high customer retention rate (many as long as 21-years) and our extremely low failure rate.

Our products are designed with Efficiency, Safety, EMI & EMC (conducted, radiated & Surge) in mind. We also place a heavy emphasis on DFQ and manufacturability. 

We provide the companies we partner with valuable Applications Engineering capabilities to tailor a power solution suited to our customer’s needs. If that involves testing our power supplies with your product in real world situations, we are more than up to the task.

We have an extensive array of ISO-60601-1 approved 2X MOPP power supplies. Although our products already comply with worldwide efficiency standards such as CEC, DoE Level VI, Energy Star, ErP Stage 2, CoC Tier 2, NRCan & GEMS Level VI, we are continuing our research into smaller more efficient packages like Gallium Nitride and LLC resonant converters. 

A tangible example of that is our Gallium Nitride based designs that feature high power density (6.8W / in3), which are a fraction of the size of competing technologies and are much more efficient (up to 94%). 

This illustrates our unwavering commitment to continuously updating our technology to bring you best-in-class power supply solutions. 

Eurasia Power is investing heavily in renewable energy solutions to service the off-grid segments with power supplies and energy storage products to power through any MAINS service interruptions.

Eurasia Power is committed to Total Quality Assurance where every employee and supplier is considered an essential part of our success in Quality. 

With 21 years in the industry, we have an incredible low field failure rate of 0.6% (0.006). We achieve this reliability with our Design For Quality (DFQ) mindset.  When you ship your medical devices with our power supplies you can be sure it will work for years on end without any problems in the field.

All of the products go through an exhaustive DQR process and careful attention is paid to the life expectancy of the product, particularly the thermal performance characteristics.

Our manufacturing sites in China and the Philippines are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 so Quality is the cornerstone of our manufacturing operations. Furthermore, traceability is documented to the individual power supply in production so you can be assured that every step of the supply chain is monitored and documented from raw materials to sub-assemblies.