DIN Rail

Elevate your DIN RAIL solutions, with Eurasia Power’s extensive range of DIN Rail products, boasting an impressive lineup of over 100 options designed to meet your every requirement. We are directly compatible and competitive with Meanwell offerings. Our wattage range is from 10W to an impressive 480W, our DIN Rail products offer a wide wattage range to suit diverse applications, ensuring flexibility in your projects while ensuring your BOM cost objectives are met. With a commitment to safety, our products come equipped with all the necessary approvals, assuring you of reliable and secure operation. Plus, rest easy with the confidence that each purchase is safeguarded by a generous 3-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and unwavering support. Choose efficiency, versatility, and affordability—choose Eurasia Power’s DIN Rail power supplies for your power needs today.

115 DIN Rail Products